How to Use Buttons to Improve Your Articles and Landing Pages

It is common knowledge for most webmasters to place a Continue Reading button on their blog posts. This button allows readers to continue reading after they have finished reading the previous paragraph. Some people do this to encourage visitors to read the entire post. Other people use it to try and get their visitors to click through to the resource box which takes them to the original page they were on when they read the post. Whatever your reasons for using a Continue Reading button on your blog, it can be extremely beneficial. Here are a few ways you can use it to get more clicks:

Different Parts of Your Posts

continue reading


* Use buttons for navigation – You can use these buttons to display a menu of various topics related to your topic. Using these buttons will make it much easier for readers to move between different parts of your posts. A horizontal line will also appear at the top of your article – this is where the ” Continue Reading ” Skip Intro “button will appear. Any text that you place under either of these horizontal lines will not show up on your main homepage/ archive pages either. For example, if you want people to skip to the next paragraph, you would put a’Skip’button or’Abstract’or’Title’beneath the’Skip Intro’option.

* Use buttons to encourage visitors to click on links – You can use one of these ” Skip Intro’buttons to encourage people to click on an internal link that leads them back to the original page they came from. A great example of this would be to create a’Skip Intro’button near the top of each of your articles. Then as people read through the article they can click on this button to return to the original article. People might naturally click on these internal links to find the source of the information they want – but wouldn’t want to click on the main website address either? (It’s just a personal preference).